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Noro Pin Drafted Roving

Attention all spinners and felters!!

This pin drafted roving is perfect for felting and it is great for spinning, too. Easy to start with if you are new to drop spindling. And it is equally good for needle felting (makes a great outline really easy) and wet felting for surface design.

If you're a fan of Noro's colors, but prefer to knit with a plied yarn or one that has more twist than his, here is your opportunity to spin your own.

Each "wheel" is 100 gms (or 3.5 ounces), which is perfect if you are a spinner. But for wet or needle felters who might want to use this as surface design or for needle felting outlines, we have also wound it off into 20 gm packages which have about 100 yards each - shown here so you get an idea. You can't really order these easily by color over the web. If you want a range of the smaller quantities, it is best to call and describe the colors you want since we have hundreds of these and they are each unique!!! As you can see from the second picture, there are 1 ends you can use from (or hold the two together for a slightly thicker piece).

If you're interested in some pin drafted solids, check this page out.

Price for the original full size which you can order by color below: $21.95

Price for the bagged and rewound which have about 100 yds each but you can't really order by color online: $6.99. If you call we can pick out ones that feature colors you are interested in!



reading left to right and top row first:

crayola, kiwi, forest

yellow, sunset, ocean

reading left to right and top row first:

latte,iris, carribean waters

pink, tropical fish, macaw

Price per 100 gm Wheel: $21.95