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Russo Needle Felting Patterns

Needle Felter and designer Neysa Russo is now making some patterns available as an option to her line of gorgeous Needle Felting Kits so that those of you who raise sheep and have your own fiber, can use that with her fabulous designs.

Each pattern includes instructions on how to transfer it to your base of choice (monk's cloth, prefelt, felt, etc).

If you don't have your own fiber or are new to needle felting, you might want to start with one of her gorgeous kits.

The 6 original kits (approx 10 x 10 in size) are available here.

In addition to the original kits Neysa created (link above), be sure to check out her newest kit ...check that out here!

If you need some lovely pre-felt (partial felt) to work one of these patterns into, check out our gorgeous line of merino pre-felts here.

Patterns alone are $14.99



Country Couple



Byzantine Horse