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Tapestry Needle Felting Kits - Large

This is the latest kit by needle felter/designer Neysa Russo. A gorgeous and intricate tapestry which, when hung in your den or living room, will make you feel like you're visiting the Louvre from the comfort of your own couch (except your couch is more comfortable than any museum bench!).

Gorgeous colors, lovely'll have the fun of making it and showing it off to your friends and family.

Pattern, needles and all the fiber and instructions you need to create this lovely piece.

Smaller kits by the same designer - in case you're not quite ready to jump into this larger piece.

Or, if you're an experienced needle felter and have your own fiber, OR, if you are a rug hooker and want to use this as a pattern for a rug/wall hanging to hook.

Price: 145.00

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