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New Zealand Wool from DHG

This new inventory product I'm getting from the DHG mill in Italy is great for needle felting and comes in a great range of animal/skin tones. So I've brought in 12 animal/skin tones (I actually ordered 8 more, but they are on backorder!) and I am packaging them in two ways. You can order what I'm calling the "Baker's Dozen" - that's 12 grams each of 13 colors (so approx 156 gms per bag), or you can get just one color in a 50 gm bag.

This wool is about 27 microns and in short stapled batts. It is not nearly so short as the KAP wool (merino) that I stock, but definitely shorter than any of the extrafine merino or BFL tops I sell.

For those of you who have used my Dyed Felting Batts, this fiber is about the same length as that, but the batts are much more even/regular (not important for needle felters but this characteristic makes this product better for wet felting).

One big difference between my Dyed Felting Batts and this wool is in the color selection. Both are great, just different! The Dyed Felting Batts offer a lot of beautiful "heathery" colors whereas this New Zealand Wool is "vat" dyed and so the colors are solids in a bigger range of animal and skin tones. So for those of you needle felting gnomes, critters, and figurines, this one may offer you greater options whereas the Dyed Felting Batts offer gorgeous heathers that are lovely for those of you "painting" with wool and working "tapestries" or wall hangings.

Here are photos of the 13 colors currently available. You can order either a "Baker's Dozen" (more economical) or individual 50 gm bags of a color. Check back in another month for the backordered colors.

New Zealand wool from DHG

etoile (pinkish tinge), Cherry Blossom, Hollyhock

Cinnamon, bread, dune, acacia

bark, cocoa, earth (be sure to click on photo for larger image as the "earth" is not as "white" as it looks in the thumbnail)

coffee, graphite, beaver

Baker's Dozen (approx 156 gms): $ 16.99

Extrafine Merino

50 gm bags - $6.99

Extrafine Merino

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