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"Learn to" Kits

Great basic kits to get you started on either the popular needle felting or traditional wet felting techniques. Both kits include "how-to" instructions and materials for at least 2 projects. Below each pictured kit is an example of what you can make using that particular technique.

The Needle Felting kit is the one to go for if what you'd like to do is sculpt three dimensional puppets, dolls or caricatures. It involves NO SEWING. The needle is specially designed for felting and is essentially poked into the wool repeatedly to sculpt your designs. The kit includes 2 needles, wool locks for hair and plenty of wool colors, including skin tones. The needle has a very sharp point with barbs on it, so this may not be the best felting kit choice for children.

The Hat Felting Kit employs the traditional wet felting technique whereby you use cleaned and dyed wool fiber to mold a this case you mold a hat over a bouncing ball. Embellishment ideas and lots of great bright colors of wool to work with. If you want to supplement the wool with additional colors or so you can do more hats, check out our Dyed Felting Batts. Great for kids 8 and older.

Needle Felting Kits

Easy Easy Easy!

Learn to Wet Felt Flower Kit