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If you're looking for fibers to felt,we've got many, so check out the FIBERS index.

Below you'll find kits, felting fabrics, partial felts (pre-felts to some), silks, felting tools & accessories.

Needle Felting Tapestry Book and/or kit

Child's Felt Jacket Pattern

"Learn to" Felt Kits


Olive Oil Block Soap


Needle Felting Mat

felting pen

felting tools...

needle felting pen - 3 needles





sets of all fine or all coarse





Silk & otherwise...

pin drafted roving, locks, nepps....


Ball Brauser


Dyed Margelin Silk

coming soon




Silk Chiffon & Paj Yardage


Dyed Partial Prefelts-

merino wool

many colors!





Merino and other Fibers for nuno, wet and needle felting