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Gottland Top

Originally developed by the Vikings thru a cross of the Swedish Gute sheep and either Karakul and/or Romanov sheep from Russia, the Gottland sheep produce a lustrous fiber that is great for felting and spinning. I've felted it in several Osman technique rugs. It was used as the back in the two rugs shown below and then I used the dyed felting batts for the color design on the fronts. This Gottland top also spins up beautifully...great if you're thinking of spinning a nice warp yarn or spinning weft for a rug or other item for which durability is important.

For a bit more about breeding efforts to bring the Gottland to the US, read one of our past newsletter issues here. If you follow the link from the news about the Maryland Sheep & Wool, it will take you to a bit of info about "upbreeding" programs here.

This Gottland comes in a gorgeous grey color and 8 oz bag Price: $18.00/8 oz bag