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This wool is coarse and long stapled and so very durable! It is a quick felter and comes in gorgeous colors.

So if you want to spin yarn for an outdoor sweater that you want to wear like iron or if you are looking to felt a rug, slippers or boots, this is the fiber to go for.

Being coarse and long means it is not a great choice for next-to-the-skin felt or spinning projects, however.

This is a blend of wools, not a particular breed of sheep.

Available in 50 gm ($4.50) and 100 gm ($9.00) bags.



red, orange, gold, green

blue, purple, redviolet

Note: there must have been a flash on this photo when Carol took it because in life, these colors are all darker and not so bright/primary as they look on my screen. There is quite a bit of black fiber in each color so they are dark and rich and saturated....but not bright.



50 gm bags:




100 gm bags: