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Needle Felted Fabric

Available in many great colors and several different sizes, these prefelts (some prefer the term, partial felts; others use brand names like Felbi or Profusion) are soft merino wool and form a great base on which to apply embellishments. Since I order different colors from different sources, I am going to stay away from "brand" names. 19.5 micron and 170 gm/meter

We offer several sizes/shapes here:

Small Squares: - approx 20" x 18"

Yard Squares: - approx 36 x 36

Scarf sizes: 13-15ish x 70-72ish

Long Scarf Size: 15ish x 80ish

Shawl Size: 36 x 70-72ish


For a less expensive partial felt, that is a bit heavier and only available in white (but of course, it can be dyed) check out the 5 different sizes of White PreFelts. The white is also coarser, not just heavier.

And for another mill's Needle FElt Fabric that is 19 micron superfine merino and comes in a different range of colors and sizes than you see here on this page, check out Arno River PreFelts!

I made the scarf left entirely from these, and the bag, right as well. The center scarf shows some wool (Northern Lights) felted into the surface of these pre-felts and the decorative wall hanging shows a design needle felted into these pre-felts.


chartreuse (much yellower than lime, shown left), turquoise

Pumpkin, teak, red violet


This photo came out quite light....the colors really are:

jet black, deep purple, navy

(really, they are deep purple and navy, not lavendar and royal!)

victorian pink


blue, lime (lighter and brighter than moss)

grey, sage





prussian blue




Small Squares: approx 18" x 20" : $9.99 each



Approx Square Yds: about 36 x 36: $17.99


Approx 13-15ish x 70-72ish: $16.99


Approx 36ish x 70-72ish: $36.99