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Needle Felted Fabric

Available in many great colors and several different sizes, these prefelts (some prefer the term, partial felts; others use brand names like Felbi or Profusion) are soft and form a great base on which to apply embellishments. Since I order different colors from different sources, I am going to stay away from "brand" names.

We offer several sizes/shapes here:

Small Squares: - approx 20" x 18"

Yard Squares: - approx 36 x 36

Scarf sizes: 13-15ish x 70-72ish

Long Scarf Size: 15ish x 80ish

Shawl Size: 36 x 70-72ish

Long Shawl Size: 30 x 80

We also stock another mill's version of needle felted "prefelt" and it comes in different colors and is a bit more "needled" than this source's batts are.


I made the scarf left entirely from these, and the bag, right as well. The center scarf shows some wool (Northern Lights) felted into the surface of these pre-felts and the decorative wall hanging shows a design needle felted into these pre-felts.


chartreuse, turquoise

Pumpkin, teak, red violet

This photo came out quite light....the colors really are:

jet black, deep purple, navy

(really, they are deep purple and navy, not lavendar and royal!)

victorian pink



terra cotta, tom tom, turkish red

sage, aubergine



prussian blue




Small Squares: approx 18" x 20" : $9.99 each



Approx Square Yds: about 36 x 36: $17.99


Approx 13-15ish x 70-72ish: $16.99


Approx 36ish x 70-72ish: $36.99


Approx 30ish x 80ish: $36.99


Approx 15ish x 80ish: $20.99