Northeast Fiber Arts Center

The candy store for knitters, spinners, felters & weavers.


These embellishments are great for adding color, luster, texture and pizazz to felted projects. The silk caps, reeled silk and tussah top are great for silk paper (silk fusion) as well.



Eri & Muga Silks

Hankies (Mawattas)

Bombyx Top

DHG Tussah Top - 40 colors Dyed
& Natural Honey Colored

Silk Bricks-Dyed

Carrier Rods

Banana Silk

Dyed Reeled Silk

Dyed Locks and Teeswater locks

Plotulopi Pin Drafted Roving

Heat Bondable Iridescent Fibers

Pin-drafted roving - tons of colors available at the store only - each one is unique and different so I can't photograph them and put them online.