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Dyed Felting Batts

This short stapled fiber is mixed breeds but of pretty fine fibers (merino, targhee, etc). It is not particularly recommended for spinning, but is excellent for needle felting.

We have packed it in 2 oz increments. If you'd like smaller amounts of a random range of colors view our mixed bag.

If you're looking for smaller amounts of more colors that you can purchase by the yard, check out our new Corriedale by the Yard!

Price per 2 oz bag : $7.99/bag

Dyed Felting Batts

felting batts new green

seagreen, spruce, cypress,
olive, hemlock, tundra

down the far right side is to greens it looks yellow and next to the yellows, it looks green!

evergreen & cypress

evergreen, cypress

in this photo the cypress looks much lighter than it is (see photo to the left for a truer cypress depth of shade) but in this photo, in order for you to see evergreen (which is also darker than this photo shows) I had to "brighten" the photo so they both are lighter in the photo than in life...but this lightness allows you to see the hue better.


teal, loden, cobalt,
iris, royal, midnight





lime, kiwi


straw, mustard,
foliage, gold


cornsilk, marigold, goldenrod


melon, poppy, red,
topaz, russet


white, black, cocoa

animal colors

camel, oatmeal, pewter,
teak, suede, dove grey


aster, magenta,
rose, chianti, garnet

Dyed Felting Batts



Dyed Felting Batts

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Merino Top

Enlarge sample


Enlarge sample

Dyed Felting Batts

Enlarge sample

Merino Top

Enlarge sample

The church, Van Gogh, the dragon rug and table runner here done by my niece are all needle felted using this fiber. The last photo shown here is of a rug I did that was wet felted using this fiber.