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Creative Silk Packs

These bags feature 4 different forms of silk: hankie (mawatta), cocoons, throwster's silk (like reeled silk), and carrier rods.. . all beautifully dyed to coordinate for a project. All 4 forms can be spun on their own or blended in with wool to spin AND each can be worked into felt as well! I've even used the cocoons and carrier rods in surface embellishment and jewelry.

At the SOAR (Spin Off Autumn Retreat) last week in Manchester NH, the carrier rods were of huge interest.....I guess Judith McKenzie showed students how to spin from them and the participants in that class were really intrigued by the yarn.

Check back late next week.....we're putting together a couple of videos to show you all the ways you can use these silks and will try to get the videos posted next Thursday.

Price: $24.50/bag

Creative Silk Packs


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