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Chubut is an area in Argentina that not only holds one of the largest oil reserves in the world, but has historically been used for raising sheep. Although the numbers of sheep declined there in the 90s, I think I saw somewhere that in the last few years, the production of sheep there has increased 5.6%.

That's why we're now seeing the fiber from this sheep on the market. Although it may be that their motivation for raising the sheep is for meat - some study I came across when trying to find out more about the fiber indicated that a study showed that sheep raised in this area (which is marshland and has high salt concentrations in the soil) eat a lot of halphytes (yes, I had to look it up too - halophyes are a category of plants that are able to thrive in soil with high salinity and barley and date palms are two you are likely familiar with).This link will take you to a page that shows some gorgeous photos of the area - including the sort of swampy area that puts so much salt in the soil and a great photo of one of the sheep up close!

Anyway...the study showed that the lamb from these sheep grazing the halophyte rich Chubut region had 14% less cholesterol and 400% less trans and saturated fats!

But for us the interest is the fiber!

This white fiber is 16.5 microns! So super soft - finer than most merino and almost cashmere, but at a more reasonable price.

I only offer it in white, but spin it up and dye the skeins yourself. Or if you are a felter it is easy to blend in with other colors as you lay out - or if you are lucky enough to have a drum carder you can have lots of fun working this into colors if you want something other than white.

More lustrous than merino, to my eye. And lovely and soft.

If you'd like a great spinner and felter in color options that is softer than the regular 21 micron merino, check out my Extra Fine Merino.

Available in 50 gm bags: $6.99