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Child's Jacket Pattern

My sister originally developed this jacket pattern so she could make jackets for her children (who now have their own children!) using her handmade felt. The jackets have been passed down and around thru generations and have always been an adorable and treasured family heirloom.

Nieces wearing these have been stopped on Church Street they looked so cute in them.

The pieces of felt are attached using blanket stitch (in hand-spun yarn if you're a spinner) and lined with gorgeous fabric. Crocheting with the yarn around plastic circles to make buttons, covering button forms with the fabric lining, or finding an outstanding button at the store here have all created nice closures....but you could also easily use Scandinavian clasps. And either kumihimo or crochet chain for the ties is lovely too!

For those of you who know my sister (Robin Russo) from workshops at SOAR, articles in Spin Off, guilds around the country, or from here at the shop, you can imagine how thorough, detailed and accurate the pattern is. And how many options it gives you. The instructions are very complete and pattern pieces are included along with instructions for sizes 1-2, 2-3, 4+ (22" chest to 32").

And although it was originally designed for handmade felt, Roby made a couple using commercial wool (the black with red is commercial wool), so you don't have to be a felter to use this pattern!

But if you are....imagine the possibilities!

Pattern price: $24.99