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CC Wool

This new wool is great for needle or wet felting. If you're an animal needle felter....this wool offers lots of animal colors, in particular, compared to the other felting wools we stock.

We have packed the CC Wool in 4 ounce bags of a single color, as well as in 4 color packs (about 1 ounce each of 4 different colors-these I don't have online yet, but they are at the store).

In the sample Chris worked up between customers this week, she experienced about a 35% shrinkage using 1 ounce of wool. Nice structure and dense felt! It is great for boots, slippers, rugs and hats - no it isn't as soft as merino, but I can wear it and my forehead is a bit sensitive. Anyway, if you stitch in a headband as you should to finish a hat properly anyway, that is what your forehead feels anyway. And you can always line a hat too!

Price: $12.99 per 4 oz




tuareg, bay

peacock, evening


antiles, cobalt, chagall, dream

graphite, ivy

september, water



millet, teal, woods


leaf, caiphernia

olive, musk

powder, lt. pink, cyclamen, orchid



primrose, teater, violet

fog, blackberry, lilac

off to the right is Florence

onion, fruit



fire, passion, paprika


lipstick, lake, raspberry



melon, saffron, yolk, dune


black, bright white

graphite, cloud


acacia, lace, shell




coffee, bark



earth, ash, nut



natural, sand, acacia




seal, storm, beaver

Individual Colors: $12.99 / 4 oz bag