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DHG Tussah Silk

This 100% tussah silk fiber from DHG mill in Italy is available in gloriously 40 dyed colors.

Perfect for spinning, felting and making silk paper (paper fusion, as some refer to it).

Don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge and get a better view of the colors!

In all cases, I find a little goes a long way but adds great color, sheen and softness to your project. An ounce makes a nice sheet of paper; an ounce of tussah spun as a singles and then plied it to a singles of angora or wool makes for a lovely and soft yarn for a hat or cowl; and just 1 hank (2 ounces) of light tussah wisps placed on the surface of merino is enough to felt a jacket and create a lovely surface.

2 oz hanks : Price is $10.50/hank

In the store, if you want just 1 ounce each of 5 different colors, we will split hanks for you.

DHG Tussah Silk

evening, bay, cobalt, dream, september

ireland, paradise, caipherna, olive, fir

violet, theatre, blackberry, florence


twilight, cyclamen, lilac, fog

powder, shell, orchid, lipstick, shocking, raspberry


dune, sun, yolk, melon, orange, lake


cloud, storm, seal


purple, fruits, fire, rust


saffron, rust, coffee

dune, saffron