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Dyed & Undyed Bombyx Silk Top

I offer bombyx top, the lovely and most lustrous form of silk, in both undyed (brilliant white) and in beautifully handpainted colorways. Spin it into gorgeous yarn or felt it onto the surface of wool for a fabulous fabric to cut and sew. Shown in the jacket detail above, I laid on very heavy wisps (I shouldn't even call them that since I pulled them so heavy) of bombyx on the surface of my felt for a dramatic texture....pull truly light wisps for less texture but gorgeous sheen. Each dyed hank has 2 oz. and the undyed comes in 1 oz bags.

Dyed Price: $24.00/hank

Undyed Price: $7.99/ounce

Dyed & Undyed Bombyx Silk Top


merlot, persimmon, russets, buckskin, mesa, moonstone


polar purple, iris, chantefluer, opal, lagoon


rose petals, reds, hallies berries, primrose, mulberry


Undyed bombyx shown far right in this photo

the undyed is in 1 oz bags.

See muga (left) and eri (center) silks

See tussah silk top

Dyed Colorways: 2 oz hanks



Undyed Bombyx Top: 1 oz bags