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Bergschaf Batts from DHG

This fiber is wonderful for wet felting and should be a nice spinner too, tho' I haven't had a chance yet to try it myself.

It measures about 30 micron - so NOT fine enough for next to the skin soft for most people. BUT, with a lovely silky hand and a quick felt, this will make a durable yarn or felt that is suitable for sculptures, slippers, boots, home decor (like rugs), etc.

From the Tyrolean region of Austria and Italy, this sheep is most recognizable by its oddly shaped nose!

Participants in the Shyrdak Style Felt Trivet class enjoyed felting it this past weekend.

Packaged in 100 gm bags, we have these 10 colors to start with.

Price per 100 gms: $10.99/bag

Bergschaf Batts

blue, green, caramel



natural white, cloud, earth, natural grey



fir, fruits, storm, natural brown

note: the "fruits" color is deeper and a bit more to the "plum" side of a red than this photo makes it look - at least on my monitor. I'll try to get a better photo of it next week!







Dyed Felting Batts

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Merino Top

Enlarge sample of a class participant's "work in progress" using Bergschaf