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Ball Brauser

temporarily out of stock

This little tool has both driven me nuts and made my life easier!

For a while I didn't carry thesse because I have found that what CAN happen, but doesn't necessarily happen to everyone all the time, is that the head can come off the spout. There is nothing worse than having this happen when you are trying to gently water down some fibers you've taken great care to layout.

If the head comes off, simply solder it back on and you'll never have trouble again.

And I have to say that I started carrying these because after trying SO MANY alternatives over the years, I keep coming back to this one as being the easiest and longest lasting (again, assuming you have soldered the head on IFit comes off on you).

So I tell you all this so you know. You may need at some point to solder the head onto the spout, but until that time, and after you've soldered it, you can't find a better tool on the market for wetting your felt!

Price: 13.99

Ball Brauser