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DHG Pre/Partial Felts

Some refer to these sheets as "pre-felts" , some as "needle felt fabric" and others as "partial felts" it can all be rather confusing for customers!

But essentially, all of these items are sheets of wool fiber that have been "partially" felted.... to the point where you can cut it and it won't fall apart but that it still requires some final finishing - either by more needle or wet felting - to make a fabric that will really hold up.

They make a great "canvas" for needle felters to "paint with wool" on. They also make a great base for wet felters to embellish and then wet felt into yardage to cut and sew garments!

This particular item from the DHG mill in Italy is superfine merino (19 micron) and weighs 170 gm/meter. I have this cut to the following dimensions:

The following sizes are orderable below:

For a heavier weight pre-felt that is great for both wet and needle felting - but not so much for garments and rather for bags, wall hangings, table runners, check out my White Pre-Felts.

DHG Pre/Partial felts


theater, purple, olive, caipherna, pine, jade


flesh, brown, red passion, road crew orange, sun yellow, raspberry


seal, charcoal, fog, saffron, rust, blue, tuareg, chagall, september

I also have white, just not a picture of it.


- I also have a white non-merino and heavier brand.


Mixed Bag - 1 6" x 6" square each of cobalt, september, blue, ireland, olive, saffron, and red (I know it looks orange in the photo, but it is red passion!)

I also have a lot of brighter colors available at the store including cobalt, fuschia, etc

Mixed Bag: $6.50

Small Squares (approx 15x15): $5.99


Large Sheets (72 x 60): $54


Shawl (36 x 60): $32


Small Rectangle (30 x 36): $18


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Prefelts used in the design


prefelt used as the backing/canvas to needle felt into

prefelt used as the backing/canvas to needle felt into