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Arno Pre/Partial Felts

Some refer to these sheets as "pre-felts" , some as "needle felt fabric" and others as "partial felts". I used to stock a brand of this type of item that I and others referred to as "Felbi Felts" it can all be rather confusing.

But essentially, all of these items are sheets of wool fiber that have been "partially" felted.... to the point where you can cut it and it won't fall apart but that it still requires some final finishing - either by more needle or wet felting - to make a fabric that will really hold up.

What the 4 things that distinguish the various "brands" of pre/partial felts from each other are

1) colors available,

2) the way we cut them (which all depends on how they arrive from the various mills and the sorts of sizes that seem popular)

3) amount of fiber per yard (usually expressed in gm/meter)

4) what grade of wool is used.

This particular item - the Arno Pre/Partial Felts - I get from a mill on the Arno River in Italy. It is superfine merino (19 micron) and weighs 170 gm/meter. I have this cut to the following dimensions:

Mixed packs: - 3 colors (random) each piece being about 12 x 15 - $9.99 - I don't have these online since each one is different based on what is left over after cutting the big sheets up. So these are available in the store only.

Single Color Small Squares - 1 piece of a single color that is approx 16 x 12 - $5.99 each (As with the Mixed Packs, I don't have these online since not all colors are available this way because of how it can get these in the store - or if you call in your order we can tell you by phone what colors are available as single small squares).

The following sizes are orderable below:

15x`15 square

Small Rectangle - 30 x 36

Shawl - 36 x 60

Large Sheet - 72 x 60

For a heavier weight pre-felt that is great for both wet and needle felting - but not so much for garments and rather for bags, wall hangings, table runners, check out my White Pre-Felts.

Pre-felt shapes wet felted into prefelt base

Needle felting onto pre-felt piece




plum, aubergine,olive, kiwi, pine, jade

flesh, brown, red, road crew orange, sun yellow, raspberry

black, charcoal, fog, saffron, rust, blue, navy, chagall, september





wine - somehow I missed this in the photos

if you're looking for white - I have a non-merino and heavier brand in white here.


also - new colors available at the store but not yet online:

fushia, bright lemon yellow, navy

Small Squares (approx 15x15): $5.99


Large Sheets (72 x 60): $54


Shawl (36 x 60): $32


Small Rectangle (30 x 36): $18