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DHG Extrafine Merino Top

This 19 micron merino top from the DHG mill in Italy is currently stocked in over 75 colors.

You can find the other 19 micron merino options: "Tempera" variegated and "Sugar Spun"heathery tops thru these respective links.

We have packed these solid extrafine merino colors in both 50 gm and 100 gm bags.

You can see the colors really well if you click on the photos to enlarge. A few colors are in multiple shots - just trying to give perspective since some of the greys can look blue, others have purple undertones, some have a green cast, etc.

Price: 50 gms - $7.99

Price: 100 gms - $15.99

DHG Extrafine Merino Top

snow, milk, natural

powder, etoile, shell

acacia, champagne, lily

etoile, shell, sand

passion, fruits, blossom

raspberry, onion


lipstick, coral, shocking

baby, cyclamen

twilight, primrose, lilac, fog

blackberry, purple, theater

tuareg, evening

chagall, jeans, september

peacock, dream, shabby grey

bay, teal

cobalt, water

meadow, mint, caipherna

millet, paradise, chlorophyll

asparagus, ivy

moss, fir, wood

laquer, rouse, melon

pumpkin, rust, marigold

marakech, saffron, honey

cinnamon, dune, yolk, sun

lace, earth, ash

coffee, chocolate, bark

beaver, nut

dark, seal

graphite, storm

fog, shabby grey

wolf, cloud

Price: 50 gm bags - $7.99

Extrafine Merino

Price: 100 gm bags - $15.99

Extrafine Merino