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19 Micron Merino Top - ON special promotion because of the exchange rate right now!

This 19 micron merino top is currently stocked in over 20 colors.

I have just added to the family of 19 micron, extra fine merinos. I've brought in 8 new colors (see below) of the solids, plus I've added new colors to the "sugar" line of heathers, and I've brought in the new line "tempera". You can find the tempera variegated and sugars heathery tops thru those links.

This most recent shipment I got much better pricing becasue of the stronger dollar so I'm passing along some savings to you - thru Jan 15th with this special pricing.

We have packed these solid extrafine merino colors in both 50 gm and 100 gm bags.

50 gms - $6.99 - now just $6

100 gms - $13.99 - now just $12.00




milk, cloud

water, evening, chagall, dream, [purple

kiwi, meadow, millet, bay, theater



snow white, powder pink, lipstick

fog, storm, graphite, , black

saffron, cofee, passion


onion, fruits, rust, melon

50 gm bags - $6.99 - sale price - $6.00


100 gm bags - $13.99 - sale price - $12.00