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Felt Hat Making and Millinery Online workshop

I'm really excited to offer this new class. As Lynn O., an extremely skillfull and experienced felter who participated in a shortened version of this class here with me when I offered it "live/in person" at the shop last year said, "Jen's hat workshop was exceptionally fun and productive. Jen has the unique ability to offer very clear and precise instructions while at the same time inviting creativity and exploration. From the get-go we learned how to match hat styles to our face shape, using mirrors and lipstick of all things. She successfully led me from design to fitting and layout to felting. I'm pleased with the outcome -- and it fits perfect, too!

There were a lot of oohs and aahs, giggles and kicks had by all in the live class here at the shop...especially when we were figuring what style was best for each facial shape! But, most importantly, everyone's hat came out great and suited them to a T!

So if you think you can't wear a hat, it's not truel! You just have to find the style that suits your face shape, body physiqueand your personality! And you may need to practice a bit of confidence to wear one....but that's a good thing! We benefit from carrying ourselves with confidence and showing off our personality/attitude!

I've added a new module on felting "fascinator"s to the online course this year. I was asked to offer this for a workshop I taught last August, so now I've added that module to the online version as well.

So I hope you can come join me and discover what style suits you! In this workshop I will cover every aspect of felt hat making- from knowing what shapes, sizes and styles suit what face structures, to proper sizing and fit, to the felting, blocking and to trimming (including a module on silk ribbon roses). You can choose to make just one style or several during the course - depending on your interests and time (there are modules for cloches, berets, and brimmed hats).

I'll demonstrate the basic techniques for you showing some classic and very traditional "wearable" hats, but I've also included an additional video module that funks it up a bit....showing you how to introduce some techniques to add surface dimension, flaps, peaks and valleys, doo dads and thing-a-ma-jigs.... if your bent runs more to the exotic and theatrical!

The modules I provide on "trimming" - adding brim lock, gross grain ribbon, dyeing and working with feathers, and how to create some basic but effective ribbon embellishments, to incorporating nuno scarves and veils - can really take your felt hats to the next dimension.

The possibilites are endless....which is why this workshop is packed full with so much!

just to be clear......this workshop does not involve any knitting! These felt hats are made from unspun fiber. And I wouldn't say this is a beginner felting project. I would suggest that you have done a bit of traditional wet felting from unspun wool before you undertake this project. I guess I'd call it an "Advanced Beginner" type of class.


As with any of my online workshops, you can watch the videos as many times as you'd like and whenever you'd like during the course of the workshop. You will be able to stop, pause, replay, each video as many times as you'd like.

As with all of my online workshops, you are able to post questions and comments you have and once weekly I check in and answer your questions thru the Blog so you can see what everyone's questions were and how I answered them all.

The handouts are yours to keep, but the videos and blog shut down at the conclusion of the workshop you register for. So please be sure, before you register, that you have the time to participate.

Here is an outline of the videos/steps that the workshop covers, to give you an idea of the content.

Workshop Outline

1. Measurements and fit

2. Styles - what suits what facial shape

3. Making a Hat Block - really unique, inexpensive, and easy technique for creating a hat block

4. Fiber: types & quantities

5. Sample & Shrinkage

6. Making your resist

7. Beret

8. Cloche

9. Brimmed Hats

  • a. Making the brim
  • b. Making the crown
  • c. attaching the brim to the crown

10. Blocking/steaming/shaping

11. Basic Millinery Trimming - (how to/when to use grosgrain/sweatband/brim lock, how to stitch them in place)

  • brim lock
  • gross grain/sweatband
  • stitches that are best used

12. Ribbon Work & Feathers

  • choux
  • rosette
  • feather dyeing/trim

13..Adding Attitude: From Doo-Dads & Thingamajigs to Flaps, Peaks & Valleys: Free form shaping!

14. Fascinators

Now...if you're interested, the next scheduled running of this workshop is Mar 29th - July 2nd. You can register below, but please note the following:

1) The videos are posted thru Vimeo. So be sure you can watch Vimeo videos. If you use a "proxy" server, apparently you may have trouble (2 participants now - in over 1000 participants for all my online workshops- have had this problem).

Some I-pad users have had to disable a You-Tube app in order to watch Vimeo videos. And one participant had to update her browser settings. So if you live in a remote place or have an unusual internet set-up, you need to check into Vimeo first to be sure your computer has the capability to run the videos.

You can "test" your computer and internet connection here to be sure you can view the Vimeo videos. not register unles you have clicked thru to the link in the previous sentence and have confirmed that you are able to watch the Vimeo videos from the computer you intend to take the workshop from.

Once a person has registered and accepted my invitation to the blog and had access to all the handouts, videos, pages of information, there is no refund. Just like in a live class, when you register, you take up a spot that someone else could have taken if you didn't. So there are no refunds.

2) You need to have a gmail address since that is the only way to invite you to the blog where the workshop is housed.

A gmail address costs nothing, is easy to set up, and if you want to get rid of it after the workshop that's easy too. So if you don't have one yet, please check out this page to set one up BEFORE you register for the workshop.

3) You just want to check your personal schedule and be sure you have time in the 6 months alloted to dedicate to the class.

Each participant works thru this at their own pace and you don't have to do all the modules. If you only want to make a cloche, then you don't need to bother with the instruction on brimmed hats and/or berets. And if you don't like silk ribbonwork and plan on doing some other "trim", then you can skip the videos and instruction on various "trim techniques".

It is designed so that one can work thru all of it in 6 months' time and many participants have worked thru each module and made several hats....but of course I can't know or predict what you have going on in your life! Only you can judge.

So it is all in your control. But remember that I do not refund for these online workshops since the number who can participate at any one session is limited so once you register you lock someone else out. I do not extend or grant "make ups" because your life gets complicated.

If you're interested in registering for the May 8th 2016 - October 1st 2016 session, you can do so here:

Upon registration, you will receive an email confirming your registration immediately and that will have a materials list for you to work on. Then on May 8th, when the session begins, you will receive an Invitation to join the workshop and it will begin!