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If you're interested in participating....scroll down to read more about the Felt Boot Online Workshop.

This online workshop is set up thru a private blog which "houses" the videos and comprehensive pdf handouts for you to print out and use. I also log into the blog once weekly to share additional thoughts, show pictures, and answer any questions which participants may have posted on the blog for me.

The videos are hosted thru Vimeo, so you'll need to be sure you can watch videos delivered this way (most participants have had no trouble.....but if you use a proxy server you may have to change some settings or whitelist some sites). So you need to check to be sure you can view videos this way BEFORE you register. I do not refund once you have recieved the invitation to the blog - so be sure that you can view Vimeo videos beforehand. You can check to be sure your system allows you to watch Vimeo vidoes here.

The second thing you will need to be sure to have in order to participate is a gmail email address to provide me. If you don't currently use gmail for your email, you can easily and freely set one up thru Google. I have provided a step by step process to walk you thru that here.

During the course you'll have private access to many (15 - 25, depending on whether we're talking about hats or boots) videos (none more than 25 minutes in length and many in the 10 - 15 minute range) that walk you thru each and every step.

For example, for the Ffelt Boot workshop there are modules (videos and handouts) for everything from taking measurements for your custom fit and making a custom pattern for the boots to sampling, laying out the fiber & felting the boot; from design considerations in laces and loops and embellishing options to attaching the boot to the custom made sole-or a way to make your own sole. And for the Felt Hat workshop, I have modules that include head sizing, what crown and brim shapes flatter different face shapes, as well as how to felt 3 basic shapes of hats and how to trim them with basic millinery techniques.

With any of my online workshops, you can watch the videos as many times as you'd like and whenever you'd like during the course of the workshop. You will be able to stop, pause, replay, as many times as you'd like and the handouts are yours to keep. But at the end of the session you registered for, the videos and blog are no longer available to you.

Since everyone works at different paces, I have had participants not even start until a month into their session and they've still had time to make a pair of boots and each hat style. Other participants have jumped right in at the beginning and made multiple pairs of boots and lots of hats. So everyone works at a different pace and this forum allows you all to fit it into your schedule!

The last thing I'd say about any of my online workshop is that YOU MUST have a gmail account to participate in these workshops since you'll need this in order to access the blog and view the videos. If you do not have a gmail account now, click here for information on how to set one up (it is free and takes only minutes to do). And you must convey that gmail address to me once you have it and register! now for the specifics:

Felt Boot Online Workshop will run from 12/15/17 - 4/15/18

You can scroll down to register - or read a bit more about them here.

I've been wearing this pair of boots now thru, gosh it must be 9, maybe 11, winters now. Thru dog walking and snowshoeing and my feet have never been cold and never gotten wet.

The felt boots in this workshop are made using traditional felting techniques from raw fiber....this workshop does not involve any knitting!

To be successful making these boots you need to have some experience in traditional, wet felting techniques already. It is best if you have made some 3-D items a hat or a vessel or pair of slippers ....or at least are familiar with using a resist.

This is not a beginner class, yet I've had a few people with "limited experience" take it say they learned a lot!

To make these boots you'll need about 1 pound of wool (max!) and you'll need to purchase soles, repurpose soles or make them yourself . Either way, this is an additional cost for you to consider in the overall cost of the boots since it is in addition to your workshop fee and whatever your fiber costs you. I include a module in the workshop on how to repurpose a sole and I also provide contact information for 2 sources of soles if you want to purchase them new.

Lastly, if you want to view either a very general course outline or for previous participants boot pics & testimonias, follow the highlighted links.

Ready to register?

First....remember that YOU MUST have a gmail account to participate in the workshop since you'll need this in order to access the blog and view the videos. If you do not have a gmail account now, click here for information on how to set one up (it is free and takes only minutes to do).

This boot session runs 12/15/17 - 4/15/18

you could technically make these boots in an intensive 3 day weekend (which is how I run this class when I run it "live") but I run each session for 4 months allowing ample time to work thru it at your pace. Some participants in the past have not even started until a couple weeks before it ends: others have started right away and worked thru multiple pair. It's in your hands how you work thru it once you register.

So if you want to join me and make a pair of Felt Boots this winter, you can sign up here.

The price is $95 That does not include fiber or soles. It includes lots of handouts, videos for every step of the way (which you can watch as many times as you want during the session, but that are not downloadable for you to keep).

Online Felt Boot Registration: $95