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Online Felt Boot Workshop: Participant Show & Tell and comments: The boots shown below were all made by participants in my Online Felt Boot Workshop-some are completely done and others awaiting soles or embellishments.....and in one case a bit of felting too!

This last photo shows 1 fully felted (the one standing) and the other not yet completed

These are not yet on the soles, but fully felted

The following are comments some participants have shared about their experience with the class.

I haven't heard from everyone, obviously....just a half dozen or so as you can see below. I haven't had any negative feedback....maybe there is some, but it wasn't communicated to me. So I haven't "cherry picked" the comments here....just passing along what was sent to me, unedited.

I did have one participant express shock at the price of the soles, which I have no control over. So if you are thinking about joining us for the next workshop, read carefully what I say about the soles (mine are typically in the $55 range, but if your foot is larger...wider or extra big...and if you want the heel guard (as shown in Kathleen's pair, above, it will cost you more!

There are potentially options for the soles however.....I've had a lot of participants from "down under" and Europe that have found local shoesmiths make soles for them and I've also done myself and had participants use a set of soles either from existing commercial boots whose tops were worn out for their soles. My sister even purchased a pair of boots inexpensively once just for the soles......the tops were ugly but the soles were good so she cut the tops off and put her felt boots on those soles!

So there are options for the soles, but I provide you the contact information for the shoesmith in MassachusettsI have purchased soles from so you have a place to start. Deciding what size, color etc of the sole is between you and her..... I am not involved in that aspect of things other than to provide her as a source.

I guess the only other thing I would say about participating in any of my online workshops, is to reinforce the point that you need to have a gmail account to participate (it doesn't cost anything and you can delete your account after the class if you want) and you need to convey that gmail account to me (in case it is not the email that comes along with your paypal registration)!

And along those lines, once I set you up for the blog and viewing the videos, you must keep track of your gmail account (don't forget your password, don't decide to change your username midstream, etc) because if you change any of that after I set you up, you will lose access to the blog and videos under a different username!

Oh, and if you want to view it all from your I-phone and you have a Youtube app for your I-phone, you'll need to disable the YOUTube app on your I-phone for the duration of the workshop (that has resolved the access issues that several people in each of the earlier online workshops had when trying to view videos from their I-phone).

Participant #1:

This is my second pair. Also made from bits and pieces of unknown felt. The grey is very course. I am using chineese braid closures and monkey fist buttons. The base of each braid is covered in black leather. I am considering a kumihimo braid that will be in black along the stitch area of the soul when they are sewn on. I am very pleased thus far with boot class and the outcome.

Par;ticipant #2:

Hi Jen, I completed 2 pairs, One for my husband and one for my self.
I really did learn a lot especially the math and shrinkage. will put to use on other felting projects.
Not too happy with black. Dirt shows too much.

Participant #3:

Jen from what I've seen thus far. You are fabulous -

Participant #4:

I did want to say that I'm enjoying your thorough teaching methods. As a teacher myself I really appreciate others who take the job seriously so thank you very much for that.

Participant #5:

Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you--I loved the workshop! My boots are still a work-in-progress, and I am looking forward to continuing my journey with them in January.

Participant #6:

I felt that, for me, the format and the videos themselves were quite useful. I'm not a super-experienced felter, but have been a fiber artisan for many years. I also appreciated the Thursday check-ins, for those couple of times that I needed some advice and assistance.

Participant #7:

From a semi-novice's viewpoint, I wanted you to know that I learned a lot and feel confident that I can see my boots (and a future pair) to completion.

Participant #8:
Hi Jennifer, just to thank you for the workshop, I learned a lot and really like the boots I made.The techniques will be useful for making other footwear such as slippers as well.

Participant #9:
Thank you - obviously you have put much time and effort into creating this project - it is very impressive.

Participant #10:

I enjoyed the workshop and have made 2 pairs up to the point of finishing the shrinking. Because I have large calves I found that the first pair ended up with all the extra in the front of the boot where I need it the back. when I put them on I ended up with a fold at the back ankle and the tongue wanted to be out at and angle the way it was felted in so it had a fold when pulled strait. I will cut and sew them to make them work. For my second pair I put the angle at the back of the boot and that worked much better. I thought you may like to know. I would recommend the class to other experienced felters.