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Felt Boot Workshop

Course Outline.


Module One:

Materials and Equipment Needs Reviewed -

the handout pdf lists all the tools and materials you will need as well as information about the soles

what types of wool to use and how much

what tools and equipment you need to gather


Module Two: I do this step in about 30 minutes (when not filming :), but I "move along" as they say, so maybe you should think of this as an evening or Sat. morning?

Making a Sample to Determine Your Shrinkage Rate :


Module Three:

Measuring your Foot for a Custom Fit - this step might take you 15 minutes.


Module Four: Take a deep breath....this is the section that requires some math. But between the supporting videos and the explicit handouts designed so all you have to do is plug in your numbers, you'll be fine. You just need a calculator and if you don't like math, you need to not panic! It will be all right!

Making the Custom Resist (pattern) based on your foot measurements


Module Five: an easy evening or 1/2 day step

Making the Tongues, Loops, Laces & Felt Insoles


Module Six: this is the step that you should plan a chunk of time for....but since you can get them to a particular stage and then let them sit overnight, it is a great project for a weekend

Laying out the Boots & Felting Them

Module Seven: maybe 20 minutes for trimming and fitting.....who knows about the embellishing since that is all up to you and how much of it you want to do!

Stretching, Trimming, Fitting, Embellishing the Boots - The Final Finessing

Module Eight:

Attaching the boots to the Soles

in this module I show 2 different methods for attaching the soles and I've added a section on using a recycled sole