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We try to offer a wide range of free events here for those interested in either learning more about a topic, trying out something new, or simply socializing with other fiber fanatics!

As we schedule such events, they will be added here on this page. Scroll down for details.



Yarn Haul Special Events

Clearance Sale Sat July 13th 10 - 5

I'm moving out some yarns to make room for the new fall inventory, so join me for a big clearance of yarns! Unlike the "First Friday Clearance Bin" sales, this clearance will offer larger selections of colors and quantities of each yarn so you could think bigger projects. 25-40% off

Indigo Dipped Skein - Sat July 27th 9-10 am

Note that this is only for a limited time in the morning that I can offer this because I am alone at the shop this day so can only show you how and advise you before the store opens. But buy a white skein (or two!) of wool, silk, or cotton from me and I'll show you how to dye it in my indigo vat!

PLEASE NOTE - that I need an RSVP for this event - so scroll down to the Registration form and let me know you are planning on coming. If I don't hear from you (or anyone) I will not be here at 9 and will not have the vat open and ready for you!

Registration required for Indigo Dipped Skeins

if nobody has registered by Friday July 26th at noon, I will not be here at 9 am to open the vat for you!

Please call 802-288-8081 or email me at to let me know you are planning on coming.


First Friday Clearance Bin - Friday Aug 2nd 10 - 5

As with most of my "First Friday Clearance Bins", this sale is about odd lots and limited quantities of yarns or colors but at big discounts of 50 - 75% off.

Batting Practice! Wed August 14th 5:30 - 7:00


If you are in the market for a drum carder - and every felter or spinner should be if they don't already have one! - or if you have one already and want to see some fun and creative ways to put it to use, please join me for this evening and we'll put the drum carder thru its paces so you can see all the amazing and endless possibilities this tool offers for blending fibers, colors, textures, as well as how useful it is for processing raw, washed fleece too!

I'll show you several ways to approach loading the fiber for very different end results as well as ways to put this tool to use for using up all those bits and pieces of fiber you have left over from previous projects.

Registration required for Batting Practice-if I don't have anyone registered the week before, I will cancel.

Please call 802-288-8081 or email me at to let me know you are planning on coming.













Mittens with Moxie Contest Featuring NFAC Fingering Yarn

Dates - TBD

I've run this before, but not for many years. And in the past, I have opened it to any yarns.

But this year I have decided to highlight a couple of the kettle dyed yarns we have here.

From the merino fingering to superwash merino sport/dk, you'll find some lovely colors to work with. So come on by and purchase the yarn for the mittens at a "contest discount". Then knit them up over the holidays and January, drop one (not a pair) off the first week in February for display here for 2 weeks so customers have a chance to vote for their favorite.

There will be several categories so I can give out more prizes! There will be generous gift certificates for the top winner in each category and lovely and useful prizes for the runners up.

So if you needed a little extra incentive to put on your creative hat and work on some mittens, maybe the possibility of winning a nice prize will help!



Fiber Challenge- The Occasionally Biennial Event!

Dates: TBD:

Coming soon. Keep your eyes on our email newsletter or Facebook for details!