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We try to offer a wide range of free events here for those interested in either learning more about a topic, trying out something new, or simply socializing with other fiber fanatics!

As we schedule such events, they will be added here on this page. Scroll down for details.


Indigo Dip Days!

Sat Oct 20th, 9:30 or 12:00

If you have some yarn you want to dip or ikat dye or if you know shibori and have some fabric that you've tied, stitched, clamped etc and just want to come dye it blue with indigo, I will open the vats on Sat Oct 20th.

The fee is $1.50/100 gms (or $2/100 gms if you are completely dyeing fiber/yarn blue and not doing shibori with a resist) to cover the cost of the indigo, ferrrous sulphate and calcium hydroxide. If you haven't been here to do this before, you need to arrive at 9:30 or at noon so I can go thru some of the vat-preserving techniques you need to observe.

If you have used the vats here before, then you can just come whenever and if you took the recent workshop with Melissa, the vats are also open to you on Friday Oct 19th and also Monday Nov 12th in case you have prepped a lot of shibori to dye.

I will be scheduling more quarterly Dip Days after the New Year.

RSVP - email me at


Eco Paper Print Day

Sat Sept 29th...9:30 - noon

For those of you who have somehow missed the craze of "eco-printing", I thought I would offer this introduction to the technique on paper.

Eco-printing (using leaves, flowers, etc to print directly on fabric) has been popular for several years now among nuno felters. But I recently started using the same technqiue on paper. For those of you who don't nuno felt or just want to get a sense of what this is about, ome on by at 9:30 and I'll show you how to set up some lovely plant prints for making notecards or paper for whatever your desire. Bring plants from your own garden, Eucalyptus from Trader Joes, and/or pick from the many plants in my yard that yield good results, and make some lovely paper!

I'll supply the paper (140 pound water color), the clamps, mordant, propane, etc) and show you how to set it up. It will only take about half an hour for me to show you and you to set your own up, but it then needs to boil for 2 hours. So bring a knitting project to work on while the pot cooks!

Fee to cover paper for 6 notecards, propane, mordant, etc used is $10. Showing you how is on me! N.B. as with all natural dyeing (i.e. extracting color from plants) there is a certain amount of serendipity to the process (i.e. what stage of life the plant is in, what the soil/weather conditions were while it was growing, etc) so there can be no guarantees to the outcome, but they can be very dramatic and you'll learn the basic principles of this popular dyeing technique.

An RSVP is necessary a week in advance of the date scheduled for events such as this so be sure to email me at if you intend to participate.


Novelty Yarn Spinning Techniques -

Thursday Oct 25th 5:30 - 7:30

If you already know how to spin and have a wheel in working order, bring it on over with some of your fiber (or pick some up here) and learn to create 3-4 different novelty yarns.

Depending on participants desires, I'll show you how to create a core spun yarn, a boucle, a beehive, or a thick n' thin, which you were probably really good at when you first started but now that you've perfected the even/smooth yarn you struggle to make a nice chunky thick n/ thin!

An RSVP is necessary a week in advance of the date scheduled for events such as this so be sure to email me at if you intend to participate.


Learn to knit - along with 10,000 others!

Sat Nov 10th 2-5 p.m.

I'm doing my part to support the nationwide Skacel effort to create 10,000 new knitters on Nov 10th!

Join me this afternoon and learn to cast on and knit - and depending on how you are doing we could go on to purl as well!

A ball of yarn, a set of needles, a free pattern and an afternoon of instruction in the basics are all free for the first 20 who register.

An RSVP is necessary a week in advance of the date scheduled for events such as this so be sure to email me at if you intend to participate.



Needle Felted Bird Tapestries:

Show and Demonstrations

Calling all birders!!!

Coming soon. Check back for more info and dates.

Mittens with Moxie Contest - coming Winter 19

Knit a pair of mittens that you think have attitude - whether it be in the colors or design. Drop them by the store for display the month of November to be entered into a

random drawing for store prizes!

Mittens must be delivered/dropped off between Oct 25th and Oct 31st.

Mittens will be displayed here for the month of November and must be picked up by the knitter between Dec 1st and 15th (that way if you made them as a gift, you have them to give!!

Each mitten displayed here will be entered into a random drawing in one of 3 categories, so it will be important when you drop them off to tag them as to which category you would like them placed.

Category One is for mittens that are the knitter's original design - i.e. their own pattern.

Category Two is for mittens knit following a commercial pattern but with the knitters own twist of color or even a tweek to the design

Category Three is for mittens knit using the knitters own handspun yarn.

The drawings will be made randomly on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and posted on Facebook.

Grand Prize Category - all of the above criteria are met - so the design is your own and you handspun the yarn and handknit the mittens in your own colors!

The Grand Prizes will be $100 Gift Certificate for yarn or fiber. The other random drawings for Categories One - Three will receive a $50 Gift Certificate.

This Contest will be launched in the August Newsletter and you must register to participate.

Fiber Challenge- The Occasionally Biennial Event!

Coming soon. Keep your eyes on our email newsletter or Facebook for details!