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We try to offer a wide range of free events here for those interested in either learning more about a topic, trying out something new, or simply socializing with other fiber fanatics!

As we schedule such events, they will be added here on this page. Scroll down for details.




Social Knitting: with story teller Recille Hamrell

Sat Feb 23rd 1-5 (1-3 story telling with Recille; 3-5 is just social knitting if you'd like to stay afterwards and hang with others!)

A master of story telling herself, Recille has helped artists and executives alike tap into the stories and anecdotes from their life that have shaped their passions and pursuits. Reflecting on the stories behind what motivates and inspires one to persue their hobby often turns out to codify how the passion or hobby they persue, in turn, shapes their life - both professionally and personally!

And now she is coming to Northeast Fiber Arts to share her craft of story telling with us during a social knitting event.

This is open to needle crafters of all our persuasions - crochet, knitting, stitching/sashiko, felting, spinning.

So grab your current project and a friend and come join us on Sat Feb 23rd at 1 p.m. to hear some funny stories this master storyteller has to share with us, and also to explore and share how we came to our passion, why we do what we do, what we've learned from it and how our needle arts passion informs our daily lives.

Recille is a hoot and you'll have a fun afternoon working on your own project and listening to her stories, or, exploring your own!

Whether you are new to knitting (spinning, felting, etc) or have been engaging in it all for 40 years, and whether you want to just come and enjoy an afternoon of social knitting with others while being entertained hearing the funny stories Recille has to share, or you are interested in her helping you to create and share your story - all are welcome.

Refreshments will be served. Warning - becasue I'm still exploring middle eastern/Moroccan fare and starting to test Baltic cuisine, it may be a weird mix of fekkas, chebekia, peppakakker, estonian cookies and maizes zupa!


Mittens with Moxie Contest featuring NFAC Kettle Dyed Sport or Fingering Yarn

Dates - TBD

I've run this before, but not for many years. And in the past, I have opened it to any yarns.

But this year I have decided to highlight a couple of the kettle dyed yarns we have here.

From the merino fingering to superwash merino sport/dk, you'll find some lovely colors to work with. So come on by and purchase the yarn for the mittens at a "contest discount". Then knit them up over the holidays and January, drop one (not a pair) off the first week in February for display here for 2 weeks so customers have a chance to vote for their favorite.

There will be several categories so I can give out more prizes! There will be generous gift certificates for the top winner in each category and lovely and useful prizes for the runners up.

So if you needed a little extra incentive to put on your creative hat and work on some mittens, maybe the possibility of winning a nice prize will help!



Fiber Challenge- The Occasionally Biennial Event!

Dates: TBD:

Coming soon. Keep your eyes on our email newsletter or Facebook for details!