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Dye Lab Workshop - will be running April 5th - August 6th, 2018.

This online workshop developed out of a "live" class I offered here.

This workshop covers dyeing the PROTEIN fibers-so silk, wool, alpaca, etc. Not cotton, linen, etc.

One of the participants commented in class that it was her "dream dye class" because it introduced her to a wide range of approaches to dyeing yarn, fiber, felt and silk fabric.

So I decided to turn it into a workshop that I could offer online.

I have covered 4 general approaches to dyeing.. Each one is it's own "module" in the workshop, so they stand on their own if you're not interested in the others. But since there are 2 general approaches to chemical dyeing and 2 processes to using natural dyestuffs, they do complement each other.

Here is an overview of the 4 general techniques that are covered:



Potential Dyeplants

Results on different fabrics - weave structure, density of the felt, types of silk and the impact on the print

Mordants and Making Mordant Dyebaths

The Actual Step by Step Process of Eco Printing - the Nuts & Bolts

Natural Dyeing

Potential Dye Materials - from the roadside, the flower and vegetable garden, and non-indigenous

Mordants and safe handling

Extracting for different colors-shifting colors with acids and bases

Lichen Dyeing

Indigo Dyeing

Step by Step Process


Chemical Dyeing


Making Stock Solutions

Formula Dyeing for repeatable colors

Vat/Kettle Dye Techniques for yarn, fiber and fabric

Handpainting fiber and yarn

Using MX Reactive vs. Acid dyes


Block Printing


Materials/equipment needed

Technique for felt

Technique for yardage/scarves


Register Now: Run dates:April 5th - August 6th, 2018.

You can register now, but just understand that you will not receive the intiail handouts and materials list from me until Mar 22nd. You will receive an email confirmation that we received your registration within 72 hours of you registering, but you will not then hear from me until Mar 29th when I send out the initial handouts and materials list to everyone.

And remember that you need to provide me your gmail address (one that you will use for the workshop) and you want to check to be certain that the device from which you intend to access this workshop will let you view both youtube and vimeo videos. The links in this paragraph will take you to pages for both the gmail address and checking your browser/device capabilities.

Dye Lab REgistration - Price: $95

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