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Dye Lab Workshop

This online workshop developed out of a "live" class I offered here a few years ago. One of the participants commented in class that it was her "dream dye class" because it introduced her to a wide range of approaches to dyeing yarn, fiber, felt and silk fabric.

So I decided to turn it into a workshop that I could offer online. This way you all get to work thru it at your own pace and delve further into specific areas than we are able to in a 2 day weekend class here!

And now I've updated the online workshop to include even more techniques that I've been working on for the last 2-3 years.

This workshop covers dyeing BOTH cellulosic (cotton/linen) and protein (silk, wool, alpaca) fibers, yarns or fabrics. And in includes modules on both chemical and naturaly dyeing techniques. In this workshop, I cover the following 4 topics:

  1. Natural Dyeing (including indigo with a primer in shibori)
  2. Eco (Botanical) Printing
  3. Chemical Dyeing (vat and handpainting)
  4. Block Printing

Each of the 4 topics is its own distinct "module" in the workshop, so they each stand on their own which means that you can just focus on one if you're not interested in the others. And you can really do them in any order you like - and since this workshop doesn't require gathering at a particular time in face, it is COVID friendly. That also means that you can work the lab into your schedule- watch the videos as many times as you like - replay, slow down, fast forward - at whatever hour of whatever day you choose.

I will keep the online workshop going thru AT LEAST the end of 2020....I could leave your access open thru the first quarter of 2021, but I will not be "checking in" to answer questions after Dec 2021. So that gives you 3 months with access to me for questions and another 3 months to tinker around on your own!

Each module or topic has step by step instructions, recipes, videos showing how I do it and revealing little nuances that just reading the pdf won't get you.

I've updated the workshop since I first put it together to include adding a natural dye to the eco/botanical printing thru the use of a "blanket" and also I've added a section to provide a primer on a shibori technique and also a new module on naturally dyeing and eco-printing on cottons or other cellulosic fabrics. So even if you did this before, you'll learn something new.

And the end of summer thru the fall is my favorite time to dye - the weather is getting a bit cooler and the humidity is less so things dry faster and there is plenty to pick in the way of flowers for naturally dyeing.

So I hope some of you can take advantage of the season and embark on new learning without having to worry about face masks and social distancing!


Here's a review of the 4 modules (register below)

1 - Eco-Printing

ecoprinting ecoprinting

2 - Natural Dying

Natural Dying
dying natural dying

3 - Chemical Dying

Chemical Dying
chemical dying chemical dying chemical dying

4 - Block Printing

Block Printing
ecoprinting ecoprinting

Registration Open now -

You can register now, but just understand that you will not receive the initial email including materials list and the invitation to join the workshop from me until right after Labor Day

Once you are sent the email providing you access to the workshop after Labor Day, you can work thru the Dye Lab at your own pace and you will have access to it thru Nov 15th.

And remember that you need to provide me your gmail address (one that you will use for the workshop) and you want to check to be certain that the device from which you intend to access this workshop will let you view both youtube and vimeo videos. The links in this paragraph will take you to pages for both the gmail address and checking your browser/device capabilities.

Nota Bene - it turns out that a lot of people have multiple email addresses and the one they use for Paypal is not always one that they check frequently. Yet....until you provide me with your gmail address, the Paypal address is all I have to work from. So getting you set up to participate in the workshop is impossible if I don't get your gmail address - just a reminder!

Registration Policy: Please note that once you register, we begin the work of setting you up to access the online workshop, so no refunds will be given. You need to be sure beforehand that you can watch videos thru youtube and vimeo (see highlighted link above to be sure you can view them) and that you are not part of a private server that prevents you from watching them.

Dye Lab Registration - Price: $75

Please initial to accept registration policies

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