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Covid Adjustments I've made for your safety.....

It is a fine line that the world, this nation and each state is trying to balance between economic and the physical/mental health considerations resulting from the covid-19 pandemic.

I am thankful to be able to resume business now and to do so with a good degree of comfort given how well our state has managed this pandemic.

This is an evolving situation and as we learn more about the disease I will modify our policies and procedures as new information is available. But based on the facts to date (as reported thru the CDC, VOSHA and ACCD -VT's Agency for Commerce has been keeping all businesses up to date on developments as they've unfolded) and the guidance gleaned from several webinars I participated in that were hosted by my business insurance policy provider, I have made the following changes to the physical environment and to our procedures here in an effort to provide as safe an environment as possible for both customers and those of us who work here.

That being said, the CDC and VOSHA keep harping on how important it is to avoid rubbing your face and how important it is that everyone wash their hands frequently and with soapy water for at least 20 seconds. So don't forget these are paramount to anyone's re-entry plan!

Our new policies:

1) Fabric face masks will be required to be worn by both employees and customers

2) Neither employees nor customers who have a fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or have been exposed to someone with covid-19 will be permitted in the store. These individuals should contact their health care provider and stay home to quarantine for 14 days.

3) Social Distancing of 6 ft will be practiced by all - I have placed stickers on the floor thoughout the store to help provide customers with a visual of what that distance looks like.

4) We will restrict the number of customers in the shopping area of the store at a time to 8. Not that I usually have that many in at once anyway! But this means that if there are 7 in the store already (plus the 1 employee) you may be asked to wait until a customer checks out.

5) Since hand sanitizer is hard to come by and the CDC and VOSHA anyway recommend washing hands frequently, there will always be plenty of soap, water and paper towels available to you at both the workshop and bathroom sinks.

6) Whomever is working the store will sanitize AT LEAST 3 times daily using either 60% alcohol or a bleach mix (depending on which is available-tho' I've stockpiled as much as possible to be sure I don't run out). We will thoroughly sanitize all common surfaces at noonish, threeish, and at 5 before closing (so everything is fresh upon opening at 10 am). This will include the inside and outside door handles for both the entry door and bathroom door, bathroom and workshop faucets as well as the toilet knobs, register counter, credit card machine, keyboard, mouse, printers, phone.

7) We will continue to accept returns that follow the existing policy (itemized store receipt required and for store credit), but we will isolate the returned merchandise for 72 hours before returning it to the floor.

Physical Changes to the store for your added safety

1) I installed a plexiglass shield at the register since a 6 ft distance is not really possible there.

2) I have removed the carpets and the comfy chair (sorry - hopefully that can come back sometime since I know you like to browse the books in comfort!) but we were told to remove rugs and upholstered chairs if possible. So I did.

3) At least during the summer and fall, we will keep both the front windows and the back sliding glass door open to maximize ventilation and fresh air.







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