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To register for any of these classes, you need to print the registration form and mail it in with a check or your VISfA/MC info for the amount of the instruction fee only. Materials fees will be collected at the time of class.

Other classes may be added periodically based on customer requests, so check back on an ongoing basis to see what may pop up or follow us on Facebook where I will announce if a new class is scheduled.

If you are interested in a workshop here and don't live in the area

(since my felting classes draw participants from all over this country and Canada):.

you can find a list of some hotels/accommodations here.

I have no vested interest in any of the hotels or B&Bs listed, but offer them as a guide for some options to those that are close by. Of course you can also check airbnb, hotel.com, etc.

The store is about 4 miles from the Burlington airport (it is really small, but international and easy to get in and out of!). I can usually pick participants up and get them back there before and after a class so a car rental isn't necessary. And if you stay in one of the accommodations really nearby (Fairfield Inn, Marriot Suites, Catamoung B&B) I can also get you back and forth to class for.

In the past, some participants who wanted to see a bit of New England and have a car anyway, have found better airline deals by flying into either Albany NY (3 hours drive), Manchester NH (2.5 hour drive), and even Montreal Canada (1.5 hour drive).

Lastly, if you are flying in PLEASE call or email to confirm you have a spot in the class before you book your flight! A few customers in the past have sent in their registration by snail mail and booked their transportation before I even recieved their registration and had a chance to tell them the class was full! So it is better to be sure you have a spot in class before you secure your flight. You can call the store (802-288-8081) when you send your registration and we will hold your spot until your registration arrives to be sure you get a spot. Or you can email a photo of your registration to me and that saves time too.



Be sure to check out our Events page for other gatherings of interest


Fall Felting Tri-Fecta for Newbies

I've got 3 introductory felting classes offered this fall

None will be offered again in the winter session since we'll be doing more advanced workshops then. So sign up today if you're interested in learning any or all of these popular techniques to play with on your own or if you want to participate in any of the winter/spring/summer felting classes.

Each workshop covers a different approach to felting and each one is suitable for rank beginners that have never felted before.

Each class can be taken on its own, but if you are interested in learning all three approaches to felting, you enjoy a discount if you register for all three at once.

The three classes are :

Needle Felted Bookmarks

Wet Felted Fingerless Mitts

Nuno Felted Cowl

Sign up for all three classes for just $150 or take any of them individually as indicated below. Taking all three saves you $45!

Needle Felted Bookmarks with Neysa Russo - Sat Oct 14th 10 - 1

Make the gift of a book personalized for a special friend, co-worker or family member with a beautifully needle felted bookmark!

The Icelanders have a XMAS tradition of gifting a book on XMAS eve and then after dinner they all snuggle down for a quiet evening of reading. I LOVE this tradition.....it takes the commercialism out of the holiday and is a way of sharing one of your favorite books with your friends and family. Jolabokaflod (translation is flood of books) is the name for this tradition.

Including a special book mark that you created adds an extra elegance to the gift too.

So join my niece, Neysa, and learn her approach to planning a design and choosing a color scheme as well as getting expert technical advice on the aspects of needle felting a lovely bookmark (a few design ideas are pictured but we'll have lots of other possible creative ideas here for you then, as well. From geometrics to florals....so many possibilities.

You'll have time during the morning to make 2 bookmakrs in class and you'll leave with the knowledge to make many more for the holidays. AND....you can then apply what you learned making these bookmarks to create larger pieces such as wall hangings, table runners, pillows, etc. on your own!

These bookmarks are pretty quick and easy to make, are gorgeous, and won't break the bank! You'd have no trouble knocking out a bunch before XMAS. In fact, you might find them addictive!

So come join Neysa for 3 hours of colorful fun and leave with new techniques in hand and inspired to do so much more. No previous felting experience is required.

Neysa will collect a $5 materials fee to cover needles and the foam base. I will have an assortment of colors from the "workshop bin of fibers" out for you to use for your designs....you will just need to purchase your pre-felt background (under $10).

Instruction fee : $45

Nota Bene - this class is part of a Felting Tri-fecta that I'm offering this fall - so if you register for this workshop at the same time as the other two felting classes (one nuno and the other traditional wet felting techniques) then you get all three classes for less than if you registered for the three individually! So learn all three approaches to felting and save!


Merino Felted Fingerless Mitts (or Hedgehog House...Cat Cave?) Sat Oct 28th 10- 5

In this introductory workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of traditional wet felting techniques while making a pair of fingerless mittens....or if you prefer a small house for your favorite pet to curl up in! We start with a small sample in the morning so you understand the process of pulling wisps, laying them out and the steps involved in felting. Then in the afternoon, we'll lay out and felt the chosen project.

The first two photos above show some of the fingerless mitts that students laid out in the last workshop - at various stages of layout (since I forgot to take photos when they were done!) so you can see the design posibilities and get a realistic idea of what is possible in this 1 day class. The next couple of photos show an equally simple grid design you can do readily in this class. The last 2 photos show a pair of more complex cuffs which are not doable in this class and then a variation on the theme that I made as a puppet for a grand niece - I offer these to give you an idea of the range of possibilities once you have learned to make the basic form! Lastly, is a photo of Chris's hedgehog (Fergis) enjoying his Hedgehog House!

No previous felting experience is required.

You will learn a lot about wool and this technique while you design a warm and soft pair of wrist-warmers for the season!

Instruction fee (includes colors and silks for embellishments): $75

Your materials cost at the time of class will be from $5.99 - $13.99 depending on whether you choose to make your mitts with extra fine merino or regular merino and how much you choose to use in your mitts (i.e. how thick you want them to be).

Nota Bene - this class is part of a Felting Tri-fecta that I'm offering this fall - so if you register for this workshop at the same time as the other two felting classes (one nuno and the other needle felting techniques) then you get all three classes for less than if you registered for the three individually! So learn all three approaches to felting and save!

Nuno Felt Cowl or Scarf Sat Dec 2nd 10 - 5

Learn the fundamentals of nuno felting - that is the technique of felting fine wisps of merino wool into a fabric (in this case silk) base to create a lovely cowl. The technique can the be applied to shawls, scarves, and fabric to cut and sew on your own....or...join us next session for a more advanced seamless nuno garment project !

I'll show you several ways of creating negative space, adding on dimension, creating the "cracked earth" effect that many people like, and playing with color to create several wonderful effects while you design a unique and stunning cowl for the coming winter! In class you will make a "single" cowl (i.e one that sits around the neck just once - not long enough to twist around twice - we only have a day and you've never done this before so my moto is Keep It Small so you have time to play with some design features!).

No previous felting experience is required.

Instruction fee: $75

Materials fee will vary depending on your choice of silk fabric and fibers, but will likely be about $20 - $25

Nota Bene - this class is part of a Felting Tri-fecta that I'm offering this fall - so if you register for this workshop at the same time as the other two felting classes (one needle felting and the other traditional wet felting techniques) then you get all three classes for less than if you registered for the three individually! So learn all three approaches to felting and save!

Holiday Fascinator Party Sat Dec 16th 10 - 5

Come join me for a fun day creating a fascinator to wear to your holiday festivities! Learn to craft a fascinator base and then create a fun design on top using feathers, felt, and any brooches, buttons, laces or other items you have at home and want to work into the design. Check back for more examples as the fall goes on!

Instruction fee includes the buckram base and the elastic (or, if you prefer, the headband) , commercial felt and a few feathers (if you want to make a more elaborate flower using feathers, you'll need to bring those yourself). You bring any lace, buttons, old broches, shiny sparkly things you may have to incorporate: $55



Felt Hat Making Party - for non felters! Friday evening Nov 10th (6 -10 pm) and Saturday November 11th ( 9 - 5)

Becasue the commercial felts need to be ordered in advance (stop by to choose your color), registration closes October 31st

No felting or hat making experience necessary!

Hats are so much fun to wear and they can really change your mood -giving you confidence, a playful spirit or cover on a bad hair day! And they really make great ice breakers - can't tell you how many people strike up conversation with me - men and women alike - when I wear a hat. Like new or pretty undergarments, donning a hat with style and attitude can bring you up on a down day and like a shield, it can confer some protection (not just from the weather!) and make you feel strong when maybe you otherwise might be feeling vulnerable.

And EVERYONE can wear a hat - you just need to understand what style of hat is best for your tastes and your facial structure.

So treat yourself to a fun class and join me in making a great hat. You do not need to have EVER felted at all to join me for a hat making party! I will provide commercially made felt hat bodies (you need to register and choose a style and color 3 weeks in advance so I can get ordered what you want!). I will guide you thru some fun exercises to figure out what type of crown or brim suits your face and style - tall crown or short? rounded or square? big brim or small, fedora or cowboy. Then we'll block the hats that night. On Saturday, we'll trim the hat! (i.e. add the headsize, hat band and trim pad of feathers, buttons, brooches, etc)

You bring whatever ribbons, flowers, feathers, buttons, beads, or old brooches you want to incorporate into the trim, along with good scissors and a sewing needle sharp. I supply the hat body to block and the Petersham ribbon for the inside head band and the millinery thread to sew with.

Come join me for a Friday night "party" (refreshments served) and a fun day on Saturday to create a great hat for yourself or someone fun in your life! The instruction fee (which INCLUDES all the materials I supply PLUS the hat body you choose) is (depending on what type of hat body you choose):

100% wool cloche: $75

100% wool for big brimmed hat: $95

100% angora for a cloche: $125

100% angora for a big brimmed hat: $145

Beginning Knitting Tuesdays Oct 17th - 31st 6:00 - 8:00

In the past we've done large felted bags, this felted accessory case shown right (perfect for holding your knitting accessories), hats, scarves and cowls as the "project" for the Beginning Knitting class. There are pros and cons to each. The pro of making a felted bag or slippers means that the new knitter doesn't have to worry about their tension since once felted you can't tell anyway, but not everyone wants a felted bag or to make slippers! Lots of beginners want to make cowls or hats, but the "con" of those is that they are knit in the round and while that has pros and cons for the beginner! Shawls are popular right now, but they are a much bigger project and not all new knitters have the time to devote to making one!

So given the "land-mine" that picking a project for the class entails of guessing what people will want to make and balancing that with what teaches the most, , I decided to pick a pattern each from a hat, a cowl, a scarf/shawl, bag and slippers and let the student choose what project they would like to make!

So the photos above show you examples of some of the projects - you pick which one interests you most!

You'll learn how to cast on, knit and purl, read./follow a pattern, understand gauge, and bind off.

Instruction fee : $30

You supply your own wool and needles - or purchase them here the first night of class and enjoy a 15% discount.When you register I will provide the information on what gauge of yarn and needle size you will need for the project you want to make.


Beginning Socks ... that are customized for a great fit! Tuesdays Nov 7 - 28th. 6 - 8 p.m. the first two weeks, but 6 - 8:30 the second two weeks.

Knitting the toe shaping or heel structure that fits you best (or that you like the looks of most) is absolutely no harder than knitting the "basic" sock that we've taught for years. So join me and learn to knit socks with the heel and toe shaping that are anatomically best for your foot.

I hear three things from customers who don't like or want to knit socks - 1) they are cheaper to buy than knit, 2) they don't really fit or wear well, and 3) they don't enjoy knitting them because when you're done with one, you have to start all over again!

So first: 1) you can buy some sock brands cheaper than you can knit them, for sure. But the really good brands are over $20/pr today and that is comparable to knitting them yourself. And if you spend, even $25 on a ball of sock yarn and you can still wear that pair of socks over a decade later (yes, I have handmade socks that I have worn and machine washed/dried and there is not a thread bare after 12 years!), then that is a BARGAIN!. And by knitting them yourself, you have an option to customize the fit for your foot!

Which leads me to point 2) which is that with 26 bones, 42 muscles, 33 joints and 50 ligaments in the foot - all being slightly different in each of us - one sock shape is not going to fit everyone!! So by learning what toe shaping and heel/gusset construction is best for your pointy or rounded toes, high or low arch, wide or narrow heel, etc, you will get a pair that fits you just right. And a well fitting sock will wear better. And if you're like me and have large calves, many of the commercial socks are too restricting so I'll teach you a cast on for a more comfortable fit!

As for objection point 3), well I understand that there are so many wonderful things to knit and we have to pick and choose what to knit in our limited time. So if you prefer shawls and sweaters, wristlets or hats, I get it. But if you haven't given socks a try, you might want to try them - at least once! As someone who used to hate knitting socks and failed to see the value of it, I can say now that I totally understand the value of them now! In addition to a pair of hand knit socks being hands down the best sock to wear, I love having them cast on as a "no brainer" knit for the nights when I need to veg with a movie. Or for when I need a portable project to take on a trip. And I am going to teach you how to cast on and knit 2 socks at once on one circular needle. That way, when you're done, you're done with both socks!

I have 5-6 different heel and toe constructions for you to try on to see which suits your foot best. On the first night, we will just practice casting on and getting situated with the concept of knitting two at once. We'll use scrap yarn that is heavier weight this night - just to practice. Then on the second night, we'll cast on your socks and begin the cuff. Your homework that week will be to knit to the heel. In the third class, we'll turn our heel (each of you may turn differently depending on which style is best for your foot) and your homework that thrid week will be to knit down to the toe. In the last class, we'll begin our toe shaping (again, each of you may be doing something a bit different) but we'll end class with a new pair of socks!

Instruction fee INCLUDES the pattern instructions (just supply your own needles and yarn or buy them at a 15% discount the night of class): $40

Suitable if you have taken the Beginning Knitting class here or have learned on your own/elsewhere and are completely confident with knits, purls, casting on and binding off.

SpinKnits - First and Thursdays of November and December

This is a free gathering for spinners and knitters to meet socially and enjoy their passion together - you can find more details on the Events page.

Top Down Sweater Workshop - Every Mondays Oct 9 - 30th and Nov 6 & 13th

Had enough of knitting scarves, shawls and hats?

But worried about taking on a sweater right now? Don't be. Knitting from the top down is quick and easy and obviates the need for putting all the pieces together in the end!

You pick your own top down sweater pattern - whether baby, child or adult. I have 5-6 patterns at the shop for kids or adults which are all possible top down projects if you don't have one in mind already. Knitting Pure and Simple publishes a lot of top down patterns (many of which I sell at the shop). Above I've shown a popular baby and a popular child's sweater patterns that I sell at the shop as well as a couple that you can find online (the first one is Walk on the Moon by Heidi Kirmaier) and the second photo shown is from the latest Knits magazine (Angelina Pullover). There are lots of others out there, I just happened to see these two as I was considering new models to knit for the store and they struck my fancy so I pass them along as possibilities to get you thinking.

I'll guide you thru checking your gauge and offering tips and tricks for knitting a big project with ease and to ensure the right fit! We'll review the various increase options you have in top down sweaters and understanding the ramifications of them, how to adjust the pattern for simple changes in fit (like how to turn a boxy sweater into an A-line or to add some hour-glass to it, create side slits, etc). We'll review different bind offs and edge options for cuffs, neckline and bottom. We'll go over how to pick up stitches neatly and properly at the neckline or front opening for a cardigan and review several different button holes for those of you knitting cardigans.

So whether you have never knit a sweater before and want guidance thru your first one, or you have knit a sweater before but want to learn some of the details which will give you the confidence to make adjustments or tailor patterns to suit your tastes, I hope you can join me for this fun fall project.

If you don't have a lot of time to knit between classes, then please consider choosing a child or baby sweater so you can complete the project.

Instruction fee: $ 50 (yarn for your class project is offered at a 15% discount)

Learn to Spin Your Own Yarn - Sat Oct 21st 10 - 4

Join me for the experience of taking wool right from the sheeps back (well, actually, we won't be shearing but I'll have a fresh fleece to wash and card!) and spinning it into yarn. You'll experience the process from start to finish while learning the technique for producing a balanced 2 - ply yarn.

Your yarn may not be perfectly even (some in this introductory class get a thick and thin yarn) or the size you want (some in the beginning class aim for worsted, but end up with chunky), but it will be hand spun by you! And, importantly, you will understand how to spin even if you just need more time to perfect your technique to achieve the yarn you want.

And in the process of learning how to spin, you will learn so much more about wool and yarn than you ever imagined! And this will make you a better weaver or knitter for it, too!

Instruction fee includes the use of a store wheel, all handouts and the fiber used in class: $75

2018 classes

more details on the workshops outlined below will be added as available

and other workshops may be added to the 2018 timeframe as the fall progresses, so check back

Eco Print Bag with Leather Trim - Sat & Sun Mar 17th and 18th. 10 - 5

Eco-Printing is the process by which leaves, bark or flower petals are placed directly onto a fabric and the dye within the plant material is transferred to fabric creating a "print" of the leaf itself. So it is a form of "natural dyeing". I have offered several "how to" Eco Printing and Natural Dye classes here over the last 5-6 years, but decided this winter it would be fun to print some fabric and guide participants thru making something out of it, rather than just printing fabric!

And since this bag is a smaller project than the Japanese Maple Eco Printed Coat I have at the store, it is an achievable project to print and make in a weekend. So....come print some fabric (you could use your own felt, tightly woven woolen commercial fabric, or a tightlly woven heavy cotton fabric.)

So you will bring your fabric - whatever you choose it to be- to class. Then in class, we'll eco-print the fabric and I'll show you how to create the bag using the leather trimming techniques to put it together. That's right - there is no sewing machine required! I will show you two different leather braids to choose from and you will build the handles in as you go!

If you don't felt, but want a felt bag rather than heavy cotton or , you could also buy "pre-felt" here at the store and then just shrink that down to use in the bag. I can explain this to you if you're interested.

In class we will eco-print the felt or fabric (depending on what you choose to bring) with Eucalyptus as shown in the bag above (or if you want to experiement with other plants you are welcome to do so) so you'll learn the basics of getting a nice clear print, then we will face and line the bag (if not felt) and then I will teach you two different leather stitches to trim the bag with a nice leather bottom and handles.

Instruction fee for the 2 day workshop : $150

Your material costs collected at the time of class will be approx: $50 for the leather bottom and lacings and also to cover the eucalyptus, muslin and twine used in the eco-printing.

Felted Slippers Sat Jan 20th 9 - 5

Whether you'd like to leave them unembellished or add a splash with needle felting or some decorative stitching, a pair of these felt slippers will keep your feet warm and toasty for winters to come. And learn to make them for yourself this month as a nice winter activity, but then make them throughout the year for your entire family! They make such a lovely gift.

You need to know the basics of felting (see Felting Trifecta above) for this class since in one full day we have a lot to get thru. So I will expect that you already know how to pull wisps and lay out by shingling or cross hatching. But in this class you will learn about working around a resist (so you can go on to make hats, vessels, boots, etc) and getting a really nice hard and durable felt. And one that fits well!

So eat your Wheaties or drink your power shake, dress comfortably and come join me for a full but fun day creating a great pair of slippers! We'll felt them first and then have fun embellishing them and then I'll show you how to attach a cuff and work a small edging in crochet or, if you prefer, you ca knit a sock top! You will likely leave with both slippers felted and one completed. You may need to embellish the second one and work it's edging at home on your own - but you will have done one in class so you'll know what to do. And doing the second slipper the next day will help reinforce your knowledge!

Instruction fee (includes fiber for embellishing and a felting needle) : $65

Your materials fee for the fiber for the slippers will be under $15, but will vary depending on what fiber you choose from the 3 types I recommend . Bring a crochet hook (G - J) any scraps of yarn you have in the colors you'd like to work in.

Blessing the Blues....A Journey into the Joy of Indigo and Shibori - 5 day workshop - Wed August 15 - Sunday August 19th 2018 with Melissa Arnold

Attn: Quilters, sewers, and nuno felters!!!


But....think of this not only as a workshop or class....but as an "experience". It is a vacation in which you get to leave the normal stresses of life behind and you surround yourself with other passionate textile artists and immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of this ancient technique. We are richer and more creative for all the different "experiences" we have enjoyed in life and not for what we have "acquired".

After Melissa's workshops here last year, I think I can speak for everyone in class when I say that they were a sheer joy. We learned a lot of techniques, made a lot of felt and dyed a lot of silk, and we had a great time. It was truly like a vacation - no stress, wonderful relaxed setting in which to be purely creative!

In the first 2 1/2 days together,, we will learn some of the traditional shibori techniques involving stitching: Wood Grain (Mokume shibori-I'm guessing the last photo on the right?), Japanese Larch (Karamatsu shibori), and Chevron Stripes (Maki-nui shibori), as well as Folding and Clamping (Itajime shibori-second photo from left), and Arashi (pole wrap) shibori.

Wow....5 totally different traditional methods of creating pattern on fabric!

Throughout the week, we will be learning about the rich history of Indigo, what makes it work and how to dye with it, using a variety of different kinds of fabric. We will be working with different types of cotton, linen and silk to get different effects with the shibori processes.

Wow...learn the technique while exploring the differences of the effects on different types of fabrics!

In the last 2 1/2 days together we will take a look at contemporary variations on the traditional techniques, and Melissa will share some of her own techniques of shibori which" expand" on the traditional.

Wow... learn from the years of Melissa's professional dyeing career, how to take this rich traditional technique and add your own contemporary twist!

Come prepared to be delighted and inspired by these beautiful Japanese techniques for putting pattern on cloth.

Part of making this 5 day journey what it is (and not trying to "cram" it into 3 days so it would be less expensive), is about giving us the time to enjoy the process and be creative rather than rush to get thru things. And to really explore it in depth rather than have to pick and choose just a couple of techniques to explore in a shorter timeframe. It really is about giving participants a chance to "experience" the connection to the cultural and historic traditions and enjoy the comradery of other passionate fiber people - on top of the "how-tos" (which I can assure you will be comprehensive and complete).

I will be providing lunch to participants, so you won't have to think or worry about food during the day and you can just let yourself "be one with the process"!

Instruction fee: $695

If the class fills, then each participant will receive a $25 credit at the store for supplies.

Beaded Cuffs Tuesdays Mar 6th and 13th 6 - 8 p.m.

Seamless Nuno Felt Vest Sat & Sun Feb 10 & 11 10 - 5

Learn the technique for creating a garment WITHOUT ANY SEWING REQUIRED. Previous nuno felting experience required - if even just a shawl or scarf (see Felting Tri-fecta above for info on a beginning class for this nuno felting technique).


Felted Jewelry








Nota Bene: You must prepay to confirm your spot in a class. Fees paid to confirm a spot are NOT refundable if you, for any reason, cannot attend. If the class is cancelled by the teacher or store, then a full refund will be issued. Don't register unless you are sure you can participate, but don't delay since most classes fill quickly. In the event you sign up and can't make the class, you are welcome to send someone in your spot, but you are responsible for finding your replacement and making whatever financial arrangements between yourselves.