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In the years since Ravelry began, interest in books has steeply declined as most knitters go for individual patterns instead. While that's great if all you are looking for is a "recipe" for a particular accessory or garment, I feel like a lot of knitters are missing out on important aspects of the "experience" of knitting - understanding the culture, history, traditions, that inspire the patterns we love to knit today. And even tho' individual patterns can be picked and chosen thru Ravelry, there is something really nice about having a colorful book to browse thru, curled up on the couch as you enjoy a cup of tea or wine! Dog earring the pages that inspire you and keeping that book right in your knitting bag so your "next project" is always at hand.

So I hope some of you will join me - and share with the knitters in your life - in the Icelandic tradition of "jollablokaflod". It is their tradition that they gift a book on XMAS eve to each family member and then they all curl up by the fireside and read!

So here are some groupings of some of my favorite books at the store - books which are chock full of great designs, OR, history and tradition! I hope you'll find something for the knitter in your life....

If you're not local and see something you like, you can call the store and we'll ship it to you:


This series of 60 Knits features a wide range of projects in a wide range of difficulty/ease. So they are PERFECT gifts for the relatively new knitter in your life who maybe wants to try it all - hats, slippers, mittens, cowls - and wants to learn new techniques (from cables to fair isle) while doing so!


Like the 60 quick books above, these books are great for the relatively new knitter who wants to expand their skill set. The difference is that these two books focus on a variety of cowls to knit rather than have the wider array of accessories and garments of the 60 series.


Part of the series I mentioned above, but these three are focused on knits for babies. So if you have a new knitter in your life who may be expecting a new addition to the family in 2021, one of these books is the PERFECT gift to get them thru the long winter nights!


From Estonian to Lithuanian, Faroe to Scandinavian, these books all offer lots of traditional patterns as well as history and culture behind the knitting traditions. I'm a sucker for traditional knitting - even if its not what I do all the time, I love to know where our knitting came from! I would imagine any intermediate or advanced knitter would enjoy the experience of sitting down and reading about the knitting traditions of another country.


Moving from the Baltic countries above, these three books share knits inspired by traditional Andean, Japanese or Africa designs. Perfect for the budding designer or someone who wants something a little different than the standard "americanized" patterns on Ravelry.


If you've got knitters interested in "green" yarns and projects, I have 3 books in stock that focus on projects and yarns that support sustainable living. So for anyone who cares about the footprint they leave behind, they may find one of these books soothing to knit from!


If you or a knitting friend of yours suffers from "seasonal affect" and you get a bit down in the grey skies and short days of winter - this winter will be even tougher as we hunker down in isolation! So brighten up your life, or that of a friend, with one of these wonderful Noro pattern books. The colors will brighten even the dreariest of days and help get you, or a loved one, thru the long winter months with a smile!


To go along with a tapestry frame, we've got 3-4 really creative books on tapestry weaving in stock that will provide the recipient with hours of fun thru the long winter nights. From weaving with roving, grasses, yarns of different sizes and textures, these books will walk one thru weaving tapestries and wall hangings to bags and table runners.

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