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Jacquard Dyes: $5.25 each

Each bottle contains 1 oz of dye and will dye between 1-2 lbs of wool, depending on the depth of shade you desire. These acid dyes require only a mild acid, such as vinegar, and heat to set them. They are washfast and lightfast. Click on the photo to see the colors better. Once you get the enlarged view, you can enlarge it even further by clicking on the little box with blue arrows in it which you'll find in the lower right corner of the chart. The color names listed below are in order as you read the chart from top to bottom, column by column, starting with the left most column. Keep in mind that the printed colors may not exactly match the dyed fiber/yarn.



Prochem Dyes

Each 1 oz bottle contains enough dye to dye between 1-2 lbs of wool, silk or other protein fiber you desire. The swatches below show a range of shades you can achieve from each color depending on the proportion of dye to fiber. Like the Jacquard dyes, these require acid (citric acid or vinegar) and heat to set. Unlike the Jacquard dyes above, these are priced differently by color. They range from $2.50 - $6/jar. Until I can get them organized by price online, they are available in the store only.


Citric Acid Price $6.99

I prefer using citric acid to vinegar just because it doesn't have the smell that vinegar has. And after a full day of dyeing, that smell can really be miserable. It is also a slightly stronger acid than vinegar, tho' it is perfectly safe to use, so I use only 3% OWG so it lasts a long time and as a powder, takes up less shelf space than a big jug of vinegar from the store.