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Sashiko Needles & Threads

Sashiko Needles

In each assorted pack of long needles, you get 2 each of 2.5", 2" and 1.5" long sharps for sashiko.

They come in a handy long plugged tube in this lovely little box. Handy for shibori stitching too!

Sashiko Supplies

Sashiko Stencil Kit and Sashiko Stitch Pocket Guide

These are available separately tho' they make a great starter set for someone interested in adding this simple running stitch in traditional Japanese designs to their clothing, felted wearables, botanical printing, quilts, etc!

Sashiko Stencil Kit: $24.95

Amitola yarn


Sashiko Pocket Guide $ 7.95

Amitola yarn


These Sashiko Needles come in a 4 pack with up to 2" length so you can really get a flow going! Nice sharp points, too.

Sashiko Needles Price: 9.95

We offer 5 different patterns of indigo dyed cotton cloth marked with pre-printed sashiko designs on them (which disappear in the wash). So all you have to do is follow the pattern with your stitching - its a great way to start sashiko for kids and adults alike! Each fabric square is approx 12" x 12"

Preprinted Sashiko Fabric Price: 11.99

PrePrinted Sashiko Fabric 12" x 12"






half moon






Sashiko Thread

We stock this 100% cotton, high twist thread for sashiko in both solids and variegated threads, as well as offer them in both large skeins (100 or 170 meters) and small skeins (40 meters).

The variegated skeins are more expensive.

Sashiko Thread

Bright White and Ecru: available in both the 100 m and 170 m (thinner) threads


100 m

Blue, Watermelon, Indigo

100 m

Bright white, ecru, gold, black, indigo

40 meter

yellow, tamarind, red, watermelon, turquoise, jade, kiwi, pine

also available in 40 m but only shown for color above, is "blue"

40 m


watermelon, multis, greens, blues



Large Solid Colors: $6.00


Large Variegated Colors: $8.99


Small Solid Colors: $2.90