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Pattern Holder

This pattern stand is great! I 've used the Lo-Ran version of this tool for years (a metal board with a separate stand) and that's good. But this new version is better.....The stand and metal holder are one unit and there is a pocket included to hold accessories you might need. It comes with 1 large magnet to underline the place on the chart you are on (see photo left) as well as several smaller magnets to hold down corners. Really useful and a must have for every knitting bag! And the black fabric case is such a step up from the old Lo-Ran metal board!

Two sizes available:


Small Pattern holder 7" folded opens to 14 x 10.5 - Price $16.99

Large Pattern holder: 10" folded opens to 20 x 12- Price $24.99

Pattern Holder

Small Size: 16.99:

Large Size: 24.99: