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Needle Cases


Silk or Cotton Needle Cases

Circular & DPN Combo Cases

This combo needle case has clearly marked spots for both your circular and double point needles. And an additional 2 zippered pouches to hold all your little accessories! Available in either cotton prints (sheep or leaf) or silk (pick red or turquoise), both are the same price and equally beautiful. The silk versions tie while the cotton prints have an elastic with button closure.

Price: $62.00



Circular Needle Cases

These trifold silk cases offer a really clear and compact way to organize your circular knitting needles. Big and bold printed fabric squares inside identify which size (in both mm and US sizing) goes where, so you never get confused again!! Zippered pouch for your accessories.

Price: $52.00



Interchangeable Needle Cases

These cases are perfect for interchangeable needle sets that don't come in a nice case to begin with - like the Dreamz by Knitters Pride which come in a plastic case that doesn't last!! Made of silk or cotton print fabric, they hold all your cords and tips in clearly marked slots!

Price: $38.00



Crochet Cases

These lovely 100% silk cases are perfect for organizing your crochet hooks. Like the knitting needle cases, they offer clearly marked labels for each size so you don't struggle to find what you're looking for! There are two options, the pink and brown silk options have ties and the gold crochet case (also silk) is zippered.

Price: $34.00