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Ball Winders & Swifts

Ball Winders

We stock wooden ball winders and swifts at the shop.


plastic ball winder

Online, I offer this standard plastic white and blue ball winder you see everywhere. It stands up well to average use....I find that with all the use it gets here that the gears wear out and I need to replace it every couple of years....but to normal wear and tear it lasts pretty well. Built in clamp which fits up to 1.5" deep table edge.

Price: $42.00

Plastic Swift


plastic swift

This is the typical plastic (orangy yellow or blue) swift you see everywhere. It stands up well even to heavy use and clamps onto tables (less than 1.75" thick). Will open to max of 2 yds. diameter and folds conveniently for storage.

Price: $44.00